IV Extension Sets

IV Extension Sets
Small Bore T-Port Extension Set w/low profile SAFSITE Valve, Luer Slip Connection, 0.35 ML Priming Volume, 5" Length, 50/cs
IV Extension Set, 8" Standardbore, w/AMSafe Injection Site, 100/cs (Hepwell)
3-Way Stopcock w/male luer lock, Gamma/ETO, PVC Free, Phthalate Free, 50/cs
Small Bore Extension Set, Proximal Luer Lock Connection, 6" length, 100/case
IV Extension Set, 2 sites, 42", Baxter Interlink, 2C6612, 48/cs
IV Tubing, Baxter Interlink Catheter Extension Set, Small Bore 8", 200/Case
IV Extension Set, MaxPlus®, Pressure Rated, Clear, 8.5" Length, 50/Cs
IV Extension Set, Macrobore, 7" w/Clave, 50/cs
Before: $325.08
Now: $67.50
IV Extension Set, Standardbore, 7", 50/cs
IV Extension Set Standard Bore, 2 Injection Sites, 34", 50/cs
Standard Bore Extension Set, Ultrasite Valve, Spin Lock Connection, Slide Clamp, 0.65ml Priming Volume, 6.5"L, 100/Cs
Connector/Adaptor, IV Interlink Injection Site with Male Luer Lock Adaptor, Latex-Free, 800/Cs
IV Extension Set, Standard Bore, 1 Luer activated valve and male, 50/Cs
IV Extension Set, Standard Bore, Ultrasite Valve, 6", 100/Cs
Stopcock, Large Bore, 4-Way with Extension Tubing and Male Luer Lock Adaptor, 22", Approximate Volume: 4.1 mL, 50/Cs
MaxPlus Clear Needleless Connector, Clear Valve with Luer Lock, 100/Cs
Stopcock, 4-Way, Large Bore, Lipid Resistant, Rotating Male Luer Lock Adaptor, Sterile, Non-PVC, Non-DEHP, 50/Cs
Extension Set, Male Luer Lock Adaptor, Retractable Collar, Approximate Length: 6.5" (16 cm), Approximate Priming Volume: 0.9 mL, 48/Cs
IV Extension Set, Lifeshield macrobore with clave and option lok, 50/Case
Baxter® IV Catheter Extension Set with a CLEARLINK Luer Activated Valve, Male Luer Lock Adaptor, non-DEHP, Approximate Volume 0.5 mL, Approximate Length 8.2" (21 cm). Sterile Package, Needleless,
Stopcock, 3-Way Hi-Flo, Standard Bore Extension Set, Slide Swivel Luer Lock, Non-DEHP Formulation, Latex-Free, Approximate Priming Volume: 2.6 mL, Approximate Overall Length: 22" (56 cm), 50/Case
IV Extension Set Standard Bore with 2 Non Needle Injection Sites, Extension Set Priming Volume: 5 mL, Length: 34", 50/Case
IV Extension Sets, Small Bore, Ultrasite® Valve & Male Luer Lock Adapter, 0.61mL Priming Volume, 8" Length, Removable Slide Clamp, DEHP & Latex Free (LF), 100/Case
Extension Set, 0.22 Micron High Pressure Extended Life Filter, Male Luer Lock Adaptor with Retractable Collar, Non-DEHP, Approximate Volume: 3.9 mL, Approximate Length: 9" (23 cm), 48/Case
J-Loop extension set, microbore, 1 Interlink injection site and luer lock adapter with rotating collar, 10cm Length, 50/box 4 Bx/Case
Extension Sets, Macrobore, Clave™ Y-Site, Dial-A-Flo™ Flow Controller, 18", 48/Case
IV Extension Set, High Pressure, 7" (18 cm), Non-DEHP Extension Set, 400 psi, Removable MicroClave® Blue. Purple Clamp, Rotating Luer, 50/Case
IV Extension Set, High Pressure, 7" (18 cm), Non-Pyrogenic Fluid Path, Sterile, 400 psi, Removable MicroClave® Clear, Purple Clamp, Rotating Luer, 50/Case
Stopcock, Small Bore, 4-Way, Swivel Male Luer Lock, Non-DEHP Formulation, Latex-Free, Lipid Resistant, Non-PVC, 50/Case
Smallbore Extension Set, Spin-Lock Connection, Nonremovable, Luer Lock, 8", 100/Case
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